Born in out of a Hollywood apartment, PARMBOYZ founders Chris Amirault and Jake Kolack began making Italian-American fare for friends and family members in 2016. Growing up in Boston, they were raised on East Coast style comfort food like parmigiana, baked ziti, and manicotti. In an effort to recreate those Sunday suppers with family, they started hosting parm and pasta events every six weeks as a way to bring people together and share the nostalgic flavors of their childhood. 

Armed with a half baked idea of a parm

pop up, the boys connected with friends

Caitlin and Daniel Cutler, and Nick Meyer,

the creative team of Ronan Restaurant in West Hollywood. After a short conversation, the team went right into recipe testing and cocktail development. PARMBOYZ was born.





PARMBOYZ served sold-out pop ups from November 2019 at Ronan until the recent Pandemic. 

After a short hiatus, the boys reunited with Meyer and partnered with Umbrella Hospitality to bring to life an Al Fresco dining experience in Culver City called Parmboyz at The Corner Door. The boys sling parm Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays coupling their newly expanded menu with the cocktail delights of Meyer and cocktail daddy Liam Odien.  

parm boyz 09.08.19-2.jpg